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Luxury Accommodations in Rome

The Hotel is delighted to offer you all best facilities for your stay. The luxury Hotel in Via del Bufalo offers its guests a whirlpool baths in every room. Giving you the opportunity to enjoy perfect relaxation in total privacy.

A whirlpool bath is the perfect mix of invigoration and freshness. Whirlpool baths are well-known for their ability to relax you and it is automatically available to you when you book a room at the Hotel. If you are travelling for business it’s there when you want to take time out to rest in tranquility and enjoy a perfect sense of wellbeing.

If you are travelling for tourism, walking in Rome and visiting the majesty of its monuments, while this is a wonderful experience it can also be very tiring. With a whirlpool bath in your room at the Hotel Dei Borgognoni we can refresh and reinvigorate you for your next experience, for you and your family. The whirlpool bath is available in every room and offers its famous benefits for your mind and body. Find your wellbeing with our whirlpool bath available at the Hotel. Your holidays will never be the same.


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