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Your Luxury Boutique in Rome

The ancient building that hosts the hotel of the Burgundians belonged to the Borgognoni family. They settled there in the seventeenth century. By setting up home in this location, they were unwittingly the distributors of unique artworks and part of the social life in the center of Rome. The location was thus enriched by churches and was animated by the presence of many different artists of that time and through their work, they have created a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere that has resonated through the centuries.

As part of the charm and atmosphere of Rome, the Hotel Dei Borgognoni is no exception and offers high-quality hospitality in a sophisticated and stylish environment. Typical of a quiet boutique hotel, with a few rooms, well organized for a stay in the center of Rome, the hotel always offers its service in the best tradition of Italian hospitality.

This boutique hotel on Via del Bufalo has attention to detail into every room and every space, resulting in air of warmth and charm for any kind of holiday. The Hotel has achieved an incredible eye for a chic, stylish luxury. All the colours were selected to give an elegant and refined style to each room, creating a unique and personalized atmosphere.


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