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Experience La Dolce Vita in Rome

The Trevi Fountain is part of an urban complex of major artistic and historic importance for the history of Rome. Right in the centre of the most dynamic part of the city architecturally and culturally speaking, the fountain as built by Nicola Salvi at the back of Palazzo Poli, and is a blend of the classical and Baroque styles.

The fountain is one of those works built to celebrate the construction or definitive recovery of the Roman aqueducts which had served Rome since ancient times. This complex in particular is linked to the Vergine aqueduct, which is Rome’s oldest, and which had fallen into disuse during the era of Augustus while, during the Middle Ages, it had been linked to other springs in an area which was known as “Trebium,” which could be the origin of the fountain’s name. Although it is also said that the name derives from the fact that the water from the Vergine spring also gushes out here, creating a trivium.

The Hotel Borgognoni is a boutique hotel very close to this stunning fountain which is so important for the city of Rome and so well-known that it is visited day and night of thousands of tourists all year round. To stay in this part of Rome means drinking in Rome’s most authentic ambience, its uniqueness and its international artistic significance.


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