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Your Hotel in Rome in la Dolce Vita Street!

The Hotel unique position will bring you close to the most beautiful local attractions.

Hotel dei Borgognoni is situated next to Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps. It is one of the most beautiful, well-frequented, yet authentic neighborhoods of the city of Rome. The Hotel is in a 19th-century mansion building. The location is unique location, set as it is between two significant Roman attractions that will appeal to all tourists and visitors.

The Trevi Fountain is only 150 meters away. The fountain has appeared in many famous films including La dolce Vita by Federico Fellini. It is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous in the world. What attracts thousands of visitors every day to admire the monument and its baroque statues is also part of a romantic dream. This monument has a famous legend; if a visitor throws a coin into the fountain, they will return to Rome in the near future. To visit the Fountain from the Hotel, you will need to walk down the narrow street of Via Poli, where you can contemplate the monument at the end of the street.


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